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Make-at-Home Dog Treats

100% Natural & Organic

Just Add Water... and Love

Home-baked, organic dog treats have never been so easy! Just add water and knead the dough...right in the piping bag. Pipe the treats and bake. In 30 minutes, you'll have 24-48 healthy, delicious treats for your dog to enjoy!

Beef Jerky & Cheese
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Flavor of the Month

Our flavor of the month is Beef Jerky & Cheese. Made with 100% natural and organic Whole Wheat Flour, Cheese, Carrots, Coconut Flour, and Beef Jerky.

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Quality Ingredients

all natural
made in the USA

no added sugar, salt, preservatives, colors, or flavors

1. Drop

2. Pour

3. Knead

4. Cut

5. Pipe

6. Bake

7. Store

8. Enjoy

Easy to Bake at Home

"OMG! Brilliant, so easy to make."

Debbie from San Diego

"Leo loves the treats! He smells them baking."

Susan from Denver

"Wow, that was fun! I can’t wait to bake more."

Abby from Chicago

"So fast, so fresh! My dog loves them!"

Lynn from St. Louis

"I love how healthy they are!”

Alyson from Palm Beach
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Knead Love Reviews

174 reviews
Not a hit

My boys love them at first. Then after a couple more times they turned their nose up at it. Gave them to a friend and seeing results with her dog.

My Pup Loves These and So Do I!!

My dog loves the chicken and carrot flavor!! I made these for her, and when she sees the container she goes crazy!! I will definitely be buying these again, and trying some of the other flavors. So easy to make, no mess at all!! Easy peasy!!

Made my dogs day! ❤️

Since Myles was having a ruff day, I decided to make the Beef Jerky & Cheese for Audrey and Myles! They absolutely devoured them! Easy to make and smell great!!! Certainly will be buying more in the future for them!

Chicken & sweet potato

I just love making these treats for my dog, Meekah. She watches me and waits in the kitchen while they are baking. These are sooooo easy. Excellent product

Dog loves them and my friend has a picking dog and few teeth and he loved them also. About the only thing he will eat at my house. Peggy Sue gives them a 5 star rateing