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Our Story

Hi! Thanks for your interest in Knead Love Bakeshop. We are three siblings, Sam (16), Ben (14), and Molly (11.5) from St. Louis, Missouri and we love our dog, Penny! Isn’t she cute?  

We started Knead Love Bakeshop because we wanted to be sure the treats we were giving Penny were healthy. She’s such a great dog, so we reward her with treats all the time. But, we worried that the store-bought treats our parents were buying were not good for her. We wanted to know that she was eating a healthy diet, just like us!  

So, we decided to bake our own treats. We created delicious, all-natural recipes, but that wasn’t enough. We’re kids, so we wanted the baking process to be easy and fun. (Our mom is much happier now that we don’t use so many bowls and spoons!)

Our goal was to create healthy, organic, delicious dog treats that are simple to make. Penny loves them! We hope you (and your dog) agree!  

We donate a portion of our profits to animal-related charities.

Thanks for supporting Knead Love Bakeshop,
Sam, Ben, Molly… and Penny

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Knead Love Reviews

35 reviews
Great Treats!

My dog love the peanut butter banana hoping to try other ones soon! Very easy to make! Great unique idea!!

Wonderful treats!

I have been so excited to try these and even have one as a gift! I probably was not as excited as my pups though! They have loved the peanut butter banana and we can’t wait to try more flavors. They gobble the treats up so fast!

Chicken Sweet Potato

Arlo loves these, and so does his pal (next door neighbor) Brody. When I bake these the house smells great and Arlo goes bonkers. Both dogs love the smells and the cookies so all is good with their worlds as long as there are cookies left.
Technically, these are really easy to make, do not create a big mess and provides a neat little cookie jar to keep close at hand.

Love these!

We can’t wait for more flavors and hope to have a subscription option. Pups and kids love the experience!

4 Paws Up!! 🐾

Sadie and Rigby love these treats! And my four-year-old daughter can make them almost completely independently!