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Hi! Thanks for your interest in Knead Love Bakeshop. We are three siblings, Sam (16), Ben (14), and Molly (11.5) from St. Louis, Missouri and we love our dog, Penny! Isn’t she cute?  

We started Knead Love Bakeshop because we wanted to be sure the treats we were giving Penny were healthy. She’s such a great dog, so we reward her with treats all the time. But, we worried that the store-bought treats our parents were buying were not good for her. We wanted to know that she was eating a healthy diet, just like us!  

So, we decided to bake our own treats. We created delicious, all-natural recipes, but that wasn’t enough. We’re kids, so we wanted the baking process to be easy and fun. (Our mom is much happier now that we don’t use so many bowls and spoons!)

Our goal was to create healthy, all-natural, delicious dog treats that are simple to make. Penny loves them! We hope you (and your dog) agree!  

We donate a portion of our profits to animal-related charities.

Thanks for supporting Knead Love Bakeshop,
Sam, Ben, Molly… and Penny

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My boxer gets excited and watches the oven till they come out and cool.

Yummy, according to my pup

My dog goes, uh, bananas for these! ;) I love that everything is included to make them and my son can do it himself, with oven supervision. :) win-win!

Love the puns! Thanks for sharing and glad your pup loves the treats!

Doodle devours

My doodle just loves his cookies. Easy to make and they smell delicious. He knows when I am baking them and sits in front of the oven waiting

Great treats!

My dogs absolutely love these treats. This was the first time I ever bought this product and I am definitely buying it again. The actually smell great too!

We are so glad the pups love them!

Matilda loves them!

So easy to make!! Matilda seems to love them....she’s not a very active dog 🐶 but she definitely comes running when I say “do you want a cookie”! 😊