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Beef Jerky & Cheese
Angela Ingram
Fur-babies have given two paws up!

Easy to make and obviously delicious. The hardest part is waiting for them to bake. :-)

Chicken & Sweet Potato
Laurel Richey
Doodle Luv

My mini goldendoodle loves the chicken & sweet potato. When I start squeezing the batter she's there sniffing! Then when they're baking she's in and out of the kitchen with her nose sniffing the oven smells. She knows what's baking and she's ready for the tasting!!

Peanut Butter & Banana
Paige Schwartz
My dogs LOVE these treats!

I made a batch of peanut butter and banana treats for my dogs and the preparation was easy and flawless. The packaging was well thought out and came with everything you needed. I will absolutely order more for gifts and special occasions!

Beef Jerky & Cheese
Rebecca Nash

Bailey loves them the smell while baking was kinda awful but she liked them

Apple, Berries & Oats

Please please keep this flavor as a regular. My chihuahua absolutely goes crazy for them . It brings us so much joy to see him enjoying his treats so much . He is so picky , but begs for these

Beef Jerky & Cheese
Misty Timko

My rescue Luella loves these cookies and I use the rest of batter for Pupsickles in the freezer for hot summer days! Thank you for bringing joy to my girl. We appreciate you ❤️

Peanut Butter & Banana
Leticia Walton
Rags and Reina love P&B

1 + 1 = 2 doggie’s that ❤️ Knead treat’s

Pumpkin, Apple & Oats
Joycelyn K Vancheri
Pumpkin Apple and zoats

Our Mia loved this flavor. She liked it so much she would do anything for one. Love to see more pumpkin combos going forward.

Total Love

My fur babies know what is about to happen when they see that jar. And it can't happen fast enough. They love their homemade treats!!! Sometimes we have little round ones, sometimes we put them in a mold, but all the time they are enjoyed!!! I love to watch them enjoying their treats!!! And I love that they are all natural!!!

Best dog treats

My dogs have learned that these containers = great treats coming their way! They start staring and drooling and wait as patiently as they can. They love kneadlove

Peanut Butter & Banana
Connie McCollum
Peanut Butter and Banana

So easy to make. Snoopy, my rat terrier, LOVES these treats.

Candy the cookie beauty

My little diva only likes gourmet made cookies and she loves this treats especially the one with chicken and potatoes
Easy to make

The Best

Bailey loves loves your treats!

Dog cookies

Dog cookies. My dog absolutely loves his cookies and now my grand dog is liking them to. Very easy to make

Pumpkin, Apple & Oats
Gayle Hill

My dog loved this flavor

Pumpkin, Apple & Oats
Beth Kemp
Loved Them!

Barney loved these treats. He would come running when he heard the canister open. They were easy to prepare and, surprisingly, fit in the container once baked. We are going to try the chicken and sweet potato this week.


My dog Jack is very picky, buy he loves these! We made them chewy, and he wants them all the time!
So easy to make! Great product


Jack really loves them. They are easy to make.


This is a great idea, fast easy qnd all natural, Bailey loves his treats.

Beef Jerky & Cheese
Monica Elyz Reyes-Bowie
Amazing, my gres love it

They love all the flavors, always they are expecting on the bottle

Matilda loves it

She here’s the rattle of the jar and immediately is up waiting for her cookie 🐶🐾

Pumpkin, Apple & Oats
Anna Seddon

Our Bailey loves them and so healthy and natural and the easiest to make! Already order more! Thank you

Pumpkin, Apple & Oats
Christina Andrade
Christmas gift

I purchased this for my puppy brother Bailey as a Christmas gift, as his mom said he had too many toys (who has too many toys?) Anyhow, I saw your ad on FB and thought these would be perfect for him. I don't think they've been made yet. But I'll update when they are. They arrived fast and the packaging is really cute!

Beef Jerky & Cheese
Sandy Yates

At first I couldn't get my dog toy eat them, but once he tried them the loves them.

Pumpkin, Apple & Oats
Tammy Sekuterski

My dog Bandit loves them. They smell great. Easy and fun to make. Huge success.