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Knead Love Reviews

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These were super easy to make and my dog loved them!

Easy to make!

Our dogs loved these treats. I enjoyed making them because it is so easy. You can make them soft or crunchy or in between! I have already purchased more.

Great customer service

I gave this product a 4 star only because I got a bit confused on the directions to make these treats. It said to fill to the water line so I assumed it was the line way on the top of the container but it was at the half point (that did not have a line) so my dough became extremely watery and wouldn't bake. I did reach out to customer service and explained what happened and without question, they sent me a new one to try. That is awesome. I would suggest instead of the container saying "fill to water line" it should say "fill to here" instead.

My Frenchies say “Nom Nom Nom”

Nom Nom Nom means yum yum yum in Frenchie! I am an experienced baker and these were so fun and easy to make! Great innovation 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

So simple

They are easy to make and they actually smell good when baking. Wesker loves them and we plan to replace his other treats with these