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Great product

So easy to make. My dog lovers these cookies. Great product!!


My Dog "Buick" absolutely loves these! They were so fun and easy to make. Plus I feel so much better giving him a treat that's so good for him!! Everyone should try these!

So happy he loved them! Thanks for sharing your experience!
Yummy for Molli

Molli loves her cookies. I keep them in freezer and she knows that. She stands guard at side of freezer door until I give in.
So determined and I am mush in her paws🐶❤️

Tremendous treats

Our two Dals were going crazy just smelling the raw dough.....and love these

Great Kit! Bought this for my kids (4 & 8) to make for our pup. It was a HUGE success! The kids had a blast & the dog loves the treats. I'll be doing this again soon!